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Environmental Construction Group, Inc. believes that the health and safety of its employees is of the most importance. The prevention of illnesses and injuries takes precedence over operation schedules and profit at all times. ECG provides comprehensive education and hands-on training in hazardous waste site operation including the OSHA 40-hour asbestos abatement courses, Environmental protection Agency certified lead abatement training, and health, safety and first-aid training. Field personnel are provided with any needed or requested personal protective equipment, which meet or exceed standards established by regulatory agencies. The objective of Environmental Construction Groupd program is to eliminate the number of job-related illnesses and injuries that may occur.

Environmental Construction Group's corporate goal is ZERO incidences and its strategy to acHieve this goal is by completing the following:


Contaminated wetland remediation


ECG requires a pre-hiring agreement to be signed by each employee. employees must comply with strict safety requirements that most often exceed local, state and federal regulation, a substance-abuse policy, discrimination and sexual-abuse policy and a written disciplinary program. Every employee remains on a continual observaton. Employees able to comply with company policies without discretion receive above-average wages, profit sharing and benefit opportunities.


ECG requires all its employees to have the proper health and safety training that complies wiht the work being completed. ECG hires only certified professionals to train its employees and at no time requires employees to share the financial burden of proper training.


ECG utilizes a comprehensive Job Site Analysis (JSA's) to be completed on all projects. Pre-project start-up JSA's halep managers and superintendents recognize preexisting hazards, enabling proper mobilization of safety equipment and material, and ensure projects will be completed safely. Continuing JSA's completed during execution of the project enable field personnel to recognize hazards that may have previously been unforeseen. Tool Box talks completed at the project site re-ensures that the hazards that may exist on the site are commnicated with all field personnel. Unannounced site inspections by management and safety professionals ensure projects ar being completed to all local, state and federal regulations as well as ECG's corporate health and safety program.

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